Posted by: msannie48 | October 20, 2009


Cairl           I have decided the thing that gets us down is Expectations!  If life does not live up to our expectations we somehow feel like we missed out.  Like we have a hardship or are some sort of victim.  So if we go back and look at what our expectations were and how we got them we might find out that we are really right where we are supposed to be but never expected to be. 

            In those inspiring books of my youth, those biographies where great men and women gave up themselves to selflessness for the good of others, I would feel a longing to someday walk that kind of path.  In my most secret heart I hoped that someday I could achieve something noble.  Then I met Cairl and that was it.  I no longer expected to do great things, only to do ordinary things well.  Raise my family well.  Please the Lord and have a good life along the way.  I thought we would simply be a Grandma and a Grandpa and we would enjoy our empty nest with some traveling if we could afford it and maybe a small home in the country with a big garden.  Those were my expectations.  But I was called back to the noble deed idea.  Of course this noble deed was not going to make me famous or notable, for the Lord was simply calling me to give up my own life and use it to care for another one of his children.   I think sometimes of how God had it all planned.  He saw this longing to do a noble deed and he had a son who would one day need someone who was willing to be there for him so He narrowed the 600 miles between the places of our birth and brought us together.  He also gave me a desire to have my own business.  How blessed I have been to have a way to support us and the freedom to come and go as needed to be here for the dear one that God put in my charge.


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