Posted by: msannie48 | October 27, 2009

Genuinely Honest, Sincerely Truthful

            Oh, if only the ambitions of all the world and especially Christians was to be Genuine, Honest, Sincere and truthful at all times and especially with our own selves.  It has been so overwhelming to me lately how prevalent is the art of “self-deception”.   Books and blogs, everyone seems to have all the answers.  Some seem to think something to be so just because that is the way they believe it, some think there is no one truth, that whatever you believe in is truth like  Oprah.    If I was living in California when the wildfires were raging and I was content in my beautiful home on the hillside and I simply could not believe that God would allow the fire to come and burn up my home so I refused to listen to the news and refused to evacuate, how smart is that?  There has to be an absolute, something that is genuine, real and truth.  Truth is not what I have made up my mind that it should be, it is to be discovered to be searched for and found.  Sometimes the truth is staring us in the face but we refuse to accept it because it is painful or unpleasant.   When I saw the symptoms of Alzheimer’s in my husband I wanted badly to believe it was something else but truth prevailed and acceptance was easier than fighting the truth.  So it is with the word of God.  There is a truth but it will never be clear to us until we are willing to accept it.


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